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German Officials Claim: The FBI told them a Missile hit the Pentagon.

After reading an article from Stefan Grossmann, I had noticed a claim that the FBI told German officials that the Pentagon was hit by a missile. I wanted confirmation fo this so I wrote Mr. Grossmann and his reply is below.
I commend his efforts, and ask that anyone wanting to repost this, follow his request to include his name and webiste.

Hi Brad:

I was investing with a client in Kentucky in the internet project Gallerize.com since 1999 (with earlier preparations). The client was Spiro Armenis (client 1990-2002). I have the Armenis Papers on my web site,
http://www.gallerize.com. They describe about four or five strands of epic story since 1988 (summaries of current historical events are always risky), about this:
- manipulating (we assume) the 670 mill $$ case Cramer v. Armenis in Florida since 1988
- Armenis, a DNC campaign financier (through Costas Gratsos/Onassis chief exec and Michael Dukakis - apparently in good faith, then later??) travelled to Libya, met Qaddhafi, and Iraq, met trade minister, to make deals for billions of $$ to flow to Clinton/Gore - here: many travel papers since 1992 (many Clinton team names involved, a huge scandal including extortion bribery using the PanAm103/Lockerbie situation as a pretext)
- AIPC/MSUP 19.200 square kilomoeters Kazakstan oil and gas exploration licence project
- founding of www.gallerize.com as an art poster + news site
- the shutting down of gallerize.com through a corrupt judge in a different Armenis litigation that did not involve the Gallerize ownership (me)(Jennifer B. Coffman of Charles Hayes and alleged Clinton sex fame)in March - May 2001 just in time before 9-11-1 flew in the door.

I lost a lot of money in this. Further, 11 (today's number I believe: 16) German citizens were murdered by the U.S. shadow government on 9-11-1 in the twin towers. After collecting facts and overcoming my natural scepticism of my explanation (which I believe I have further confirmed by my research, not least the valuable Armenis Papers), I started discussions with the German police - Polizeidirektion Frankfurt am Main, Abteilung Staatsschutz (Police Presidium Frankfurt am Main, department National Security Police).

I met with them on a day in January 2003 (I had falsely remembered in late 2002, but I have documentation in my files, including two of their business cards, a receipt for the Armenis Papers mentioning the exact date in January '03) to discuss the Armenis Papers and my financial losses in Gallerize.com. We discussed the papers, and they were duly impressed.

They kept the original papers in a police safe, where they still are today. I have color scans and photocopies.

They kept trying to urge me to make the cross-connection to 9-11-1. This is an effort that has strongly motivated me ever since 9-11-1 In brief, there are direct and highly specific (Greenwich/Stamford CT US terror cell involving the Silverstein family, AIG and others) leads in this effort of cross-connecting the Armenis Papers with 9-11. You see a lot of this in my e-book "T MINUS 9-11" the prt that is free on the plaguepuppy 9-11 video archive (10 MB of the total 38 MB), see at
(top item, free download of part of my book that is here relevant).

During these discussions in a conference room in the huge new police presidium (where the PX complex used to be before the US troops left Frankfurt in 93 or 94), they fed me the information that you reference. They told me they had personal contacts in the FBI. They said they "shuddered" at the methods that the US police uses. They had just concluded a meeting with their FBI contacts. The FBI contacts  - as I was told -  informed the German National Security Police officers that the flying object that hit the Pentagon in the morning of 9-11-1 was a U.S. cruise missile, not an airliner.

I was stunned. I asked them several times, exlaiming things like "What??" etc. They confirmed and repeated the same information several times. They were totally sober, not jokers. Thy are a middle thing between police officers and intelligence officers. They can be called as witnesses to testify providing that the German state government gives them a permit to testify. Without such an  - unlikely -  permit, this information of these German government officials remains blocked, which does not hinder inofficial disclosure. I believe my publication efforts, and my knowledge and personal involvement through Gallerize and the Armenis situation were helpful in having them open up and make these statements during our meeting. I have been in touch with one of them since, several times, with tidbits about 9-11.

I had prepared our meeting by thick briefs etc. All that is in my files.

I hope this helps to clarify your query. You may publish this information if you mention my name (Dr. Stefan Grossmann, Frankfurt) and my web site (
www.gallerize.com). If you need more information, please get back to me for further discussions. If the whole story is put together in a nutshell and disseminated I think the entire US inside terror connection will come unravelled. I have quite a bit, including organization articles etc. by now. Please study the very convoluted section in "T MINUS 9-11" about the "whodidit" question and you will get the flavor.

Thanks for writing!

In the Light,
Stefan Grossmann

"Brad" <peace4u @ml1.net> schrieb:
> Hi Mr. Grossman,
> I am writing in response to the article below...
> QUESTION 4: Why did FBI contacts tell their friends in the
> German National Security Police that the object that hit the
> Pentagon on 9-11-1 was no passenger plane but a U.S. military
> cruise missile?
> this seems to be a very important point in that it would add to the
> evidence that a 757 did not hit the pentagon as reported. I am copying
> Dick Easman, as he supports a missile theory.
> Most important is the evidence to back this up. Do you have an article
> on the net to point to as to where you recieved this information ?
> I would like to add i think the page is well done...
> respectfully,
> Brad M.

Thank you Mr. Grossman !
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